Climbing to New Heights

Amber at Linville Falls, NC

Amber surely is taking this motto seriously.  As she takes on some new heights in hiking and traveling, she has also toke on her dog training by storm.  She is currently in intermediate agility.  "Until intermediate agility, it was pretty easy - however, now the pressure is on and it is sometimes tough to concentrate with the cool weather here.", Amber comments.  Amber has finished beginner and intermediate obedience along with advanced beginner agility without a hitch.  "I was pretty worried when they said she would have to pass a test to complete intermediate - they even graded us with points.  However, Amber not only passed but tied for first in her class.  She even has a HOTC cup to show off. Until now, Amber concentrated hard in her classes, but I think she is having teenage flashbacks now which is causing her some problems in intermediate agility."  

In the hiking arena, Amber has hiking as high as 6,684 feet - Mount Mitchell, NC.  Before that she traveled out west and spent a week taking in the scenery.  She thoroughly enjoyed spending time with her mamma.  Amber reached some soaring heights of 12,000 + feet in Colorado.  However, that was by car not by hiking.  Check out Amber's new photos in the Higher Evaluations gallery.