Who says a pound puppy can't be cool?


Amber playing some ball

Air Amber

Photos By: Fawn Pitcher


Amber, a Chow/Jindo mix, was adopted the local animal control in December 1999.  She was six months old and diagnosed with kennel cough and a bladder infection by her new vet.  Although, she is not a purebred as far as the AKC is concerned, she is still one cool dog.  Brilliant from the start- she has learned to sit, stay, lay down, hug, jump, roll over, and pose without attending obedience training.

Amber says, "Sometimes, it's rough being so cool.  I want to please my mom so bad that sometimes I get confused with all the different commands.  It's hard trying to be so perfect."  

Even though Amber had a rough start with her health in our household and the vet bills for the necessary shots and getting her spayed climbed to well over $200, she was well worth it.  There are many famous dogs that came from local animal shelters that are just as cool as Amber.  Don't shy away from a shelter dog because they are not purebred or have to be fixed--sometimes they are the best dogs in the world.   

Don't worry, Amber isn't perfect.  She has her quirks, I believe she thinks she is just as good as any human.  She will usually refuse to sleep on the floor and is always fighting me for my pillow on the bed.  In the car, she has to sit in the passenger seat, even if somebody is already sitting there.