Amber Exposed

For all those who wanted new pictures of the famous cool puppy.  Here are some new ones to for your viewing pleasure.  This is a mix of activities/photos taken over the past few months.  Amber has been really busy in her obedience class and doesn't do much other than sleep while she is at home.

ETAmber.jpg (77636 bytes)

Watching to many movies!

When Amber saw the movie ET-she thought ET's camouflage idea was a great way to get out of work.  Can you find her amongst the stuffed animals?

washingdishes.jpg (82315 bytes)

No Dishwasher here!

As you can see I found Amber and put her to work washing dishes the old fashioned way-with a scour sponge and dish soap.  Obviously, she was not pleased.

playingball.jpg (41435 bytes)

A Little Game of Fetch/Catch

After sitting and washing dishes for a while Amber worked up the energy to play a little fetch or should I call it catch.  After Amber fetches the ball, it now becomes you turn to catch her and steal it back.  This is Amber's favorite game because both players get the exercise.  Amber wants to open her own fitness center and where she can profit from the keep people fit.


FrostyPaws.jpg (57093 bytes)

Ice Cream For Dessert

After all that exercise, its time for some dessert.  Amber wants all pet owners to know that there is ice cream made especially for dogs out there and it actually tastes good.  She no longer has to search the gallon tub of sherbet for ice cream.  This ice cream comes in convenient little bowls.  Well the bowls could be a little bigger!

driving.jpg (45152 bytes)

Traveling to the Grand Canyon

"5000 miles of traveling" Amber admits is a little much.  Even for a big traveling lover like Amber.  However, the trip was pretty much to her liking.  She got to peer over the railing into large ditches and smell all sorts of new scents.  The worst part  was the sun, it was just to sunny and since there is no sunscreen for puppies a hat with a wide brim would half to do.  At least its Columbia Outdoor Wear.