Who says cool puppies can't work?


Amber at Work

Amber at Work


There isn't much a dog can do to earn a living in this great country of ours.   However, Amber does have a few chores she performs to earn her share of the bed and food she eats.  

Around the house Amber performs the duty of  garbage disposal and vacuum cleaner when it comes to food.  Our floors are always crumb free and we never have to throw away eatable food.  She is rather fussy, if you wouldn't eat it there is a good chance she won't eat it either.   I guess you could also call her our personal mouser since she does such a good job cleaning up we don't have a rodent problem-nothing for them to eat. 

Amber has one more unique duty around the house.  She is our bug exterminator.  There is no fly, cricket, or other insect safe from Amber.  She waits patiently like a cat, watching and waiting for them to come within her reach.  Even punkies aren't small enough to escape her.

When hiking Amber also earns her keep, she carries extra supplies in her trusty pooch pack (a doggie backpack).  Although, Amber claims this is not stylish, she understands everyone must carry their weight when hiking.