Being so smart takes some work


Amber learning geography

Amber learning US geography


Amber education is a never ending at our house.  Although, Amber has learned a great deal and is extremely brilliant-I feel guilty for not giving her the chance to achieve the true greatness that I believe she could have with formal obedience training.  However, I know the saying "You can't teach an old dog new tricks" is not true.  When I was young I taught my family's ten year old Norwegian Elkhound a few new tricks.  

Amber is now over two years old and I have finally registered her for her first obedience class-I am hoping she will be able to continue on to agility but time will only tell.   However, if Amber doesn't learn anything it will be fine because she already knows the most important things in life: to go the bathroom outside, throw up in the toilet, steal my pillow, and beg for food.  Everything else is a minor detail as far as she is concerned.  

I feel I have a good line of communication with my dog.  I know most of time what she is thinking, I know she thinks her intelligence is far superior than my own.  She thinks its stupid of me for taking a basket of laundry out of the house only to return with the same basket of laundry in an hour in a half.  We can a learn a lot from our pets-always stretch before getting up, always take time to rest and play, and enjoy the little things like romping in the grass with your bare feet.  It seems as we grow up we forget the important things like being ourselves and knowing who your friends really are.