Amber and her sister, Happy

Amber's sister, Happy, doesn't care much for getting her picture taken nor obedience.  She is stubborn and willful - that is the chow.  However, she is always loving - that is the spaniel in her.  She is like Amber's mom sometimes and that's why Amber wanted everyone to know a little about her.  Happy born to misfortune like most mixed breeds, ended up in being dumped by her family around the age of five years old.  Now if you ever had worked around the pound you with know that homes are few and far between and even further for a 5 year old black dog.  Black dogs, in general, are harder to place.  Happy, got lucky though and was rescued from this misfortune by a no kill agency called the ARK.  Amber didn't have the same fortune - she was turned in to the pound when she was a five month old puppy.  My guess would be for peeing on the floor due to a bladder infection.  Anyhow, the ARK took Happy in and kenneled her at a local vet where she was spayed and now looking  for a home.  Amber being a puppy was just so excited about life we felt she would love a new playmate - someone to talk to on her level.  That's where Happy was added to our home and became Amber's loving sister.  Happy is Amber's protector, if Amber ever cries out or another dog tries to bully Amber - Happy is there willing to kick some butt.  As with all sisters, they sometimes fight but after it is over Amber always tries to give Happy a kiss - almost as to apologize to her for fighting with her.  Together they hunt, play, and share toys and treats with rarely any fighting.  There's an love and understanding as there should be with all sisters.

So our house is blessed with Amber who speaks in "me-me's" and Happy who speaks in "moo-moo's".  And even though they don't speak the same language, don't look the same, don't have the same mother, and don't even act the same, they still are sisters and will always be sisters no matter what ever may come between them.