Saving one dog at a time


Who We Are:

We are two individuals who share a love for all dog breeds. We own 5 dogs of our own, 4 rescued from various organizations across town. Our animals all receive some sort of obedience training, either in the classroom at the HOTC, or at home.   Three of our dogs have gone on to run agility at HOTC.  

Why Rescue and Foster??

Rescuing is the easy part, fostering is the hardest part.  We choose dogs mostly based on their personalities, not on their good looks or their  intelligence.  Our fosters almost always display the want to be with people.  They love people and enjoy being around them.  They want to be around you and part of the family, but they still have enough independence to go out and play in the backyard.  They don't want to sit in your lap, but want to lay in the same room as you. 

As a volunteer at Huntsville Animal Control for over 4 years I have seen a lot of really loving animals past over for animals who were cuter.  Unfortunately not all of our adoptable animals find homes and it can be heartbreaking.  Although, I can not save them all, I can save one dog at a time by giving him a little bit longer to find a home, provide them with the medical treatment they need, and finding them the right forever home.

The A B C's of Fostering ... Shots, Training, and Socialization.

All our fosters receive shots, are altered, and are put on heartworm preventative. They receive DHLP-PV, Rabies, Bordetella.  Our dogs either receive obedience training at home or in the classroom to prepare them for their new homes.  All our fosters are crate trained and are inside dogs.  We work on socializing them with other dogs, around people, and to variety of things and places.  All our fosters are taken on hiking trips, trips to Petsmart, and for neighborhood walks.  

Adoption Fees:

Our animals have different adoption fees depending on the amount of money we have put into them.  Most of our fosters have no less than a hundred dollars spent on them in medical.  Some have had over a thousand spent on them.  We do not make a profit on any of our fosters and only have one foster at any given time.  Copies of all of our fosters medical paperwork will be provided with adoption.

Want to Help??

There are many ways you can help the local shelters in your area.  The truth is you can make a difference!!  Even the small things such as donating towels, dog and cat shampoo, and donating toys make a difference.  Many people think these things are provided by the local municipality, but many times this is not the case.  These are extra things, that people donate or that are bought with money that is raised thru donations.  Without these extra things or volunteers some shelter animals, miss out on some of the crucial things that make them adoptable.  A picture on Petfinder, a bath to make them smell clean, a toy to play with to show their personality, a dog treat to entice them to show off their obedience, can all make a difference to whether a dog gets adopted and gets a second chance at life.  There are all sorts of ways you can help, so pick up the phone, stop down to the shelter, and learn how you can make a difference.

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Disclaimer:  Our fosters are placed through us, not Huntsville Animal Control.