Shadow River's Southern Belle

AKA "Belle"


Belle at 8 weeks of age


Belle is a brindle boxer from a show kennel down in west Alabama.  She is a very feisty little puppy with a curiosity that just won't stop.  This morning she was admiring the toilet.  She is also very fascinated with the other puppy in the mirror.  She takes on the big girls when she wants to play and will stand her ground when she doesn't. 


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Belle in her new flannel jacket.  Boxer's have very short hair which causes them to get cold easy - this little jacket helps warm her up when she comes in from the outdoors.

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Elizabeth, Amber, and Belle all taking a nap on the couch together. 

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Belle and her new family.  Amber (chow/jindo mix), Happy (spaniel/chow mix), Belle, and Elizabeth (boxer mix).  All of them are girls. Belle at 8 weeks.

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Amber and Belle (10 weeks)  

Use Amber's Harness in picture as a judge of Belle's growth.

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Belle at 10 weeks old

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Belle 11 weeks old.

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12 weeks old

Snacking on a bone - Christmas 2002


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Belle at 12.5 weeks (13.3 lbs)

Mommy is trying to teach me how to play Frisbee.

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